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3DS eShop Hidden Gems

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The 3DS eShop is a busy place for popular Nintendo franchises as well as cool indie games. I cut through the clutter to recommend 10 eShop Hidden Gems for your 3DS handheld! Games Shown: Gunman Clive AiRace Speed & Xeno Liberation Maiden Monster Shooter The […]

HIDDEN GEMS Nintendo (Hidden Gems) Mobile & Handhelds
Top 10 Xbox 360 Games
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Top 10 Xbox 360 Games – All Time

Over 1,700 games were released for the Xbox 360, so how do you come up with a Top 10 of All-Time?! Metal Jesus attempts this mammoth task to bring you his epic list. Buy these Xbox 360 Games HERE!

TOP 10 Games
Game Cataloging Sites & Software
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How to Catalog Your Games – Software

Every serious gamer wants a good solution for cataloging their game collection. But which site or application should you choose? I demo 6 of the most popular methods of organizing your game collection and show you the Pros & Cons of each.

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Wii Hidden Gems 1
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Wii – Hidden Gems

The Nintendo Wii may have seen its share of crappy shovelware games, but buried beneath all that are some truly fun Hidden Gems for game collectors. If you are looking for some new Wii games, here are some I recommend!

HIDDEN GEMS Nintendo (Hidden Gems)
PS2 Hidden Gems 1
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PS2 Collecting – Hidden Gems

There are hundreds of great games for the Playstation 2, and here are some hidden gems to add to your collection. Blood Will Tell Snoopy vs The Red Baron Echo Night Beyond Crimson Tears Micro Machines v4 Kim Possible What’s the Switch Cold Winter Splashdown […]