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The PS4 is a SHOOT ‘EM UP fan’s DREAM MACHINE! 😍

There are so many great arcade-style shoot em ups (shmups) on the PlayStation 4. And many got a physical release! 


Shikhondo – Soul Eater

Battle Garegga

Raiden V


Ketsui Deathtiny

R-Type Dimensions EX

Psyvariar Delta

ESP Ra.De. Psi 

Dangun Feveron

Sisters Royale

Sine Mora EX

Dimension Drive

Caladrius Blaze


Razion EX REVIEW (Switch) – Bullet Heaven

Razion EX is launching on the eShop on September 16th! (Script is designed for post-release viewership)

It took a bit of effort on the shmup community’s part, but Razion EX is finally being made available on the Nintendo eShop. It has a ton of mystique, thanks to its very limited and sought-after release, but now anyone at all can download and play it for themselves! Our review. Bullet Heaven

Cotton Reboot! Out Now – Official Trailer

ININ Games – We are super excited to announce that BEEP’s dazzling side-scrolling shoot-em-up Cotton Reboot! is out now!

Front up against a horde of troublesome enemies coming in many different evil forms with Nata de Cotton and her sidekick mascot Silk.

Cotton Reboot! delivers seven amazing colourful stages, where visual and onscreen conformations really show off this arcade gem at its best. Unexpected surprises are delivered through special effects, pixel perfect animation, sprites and backdrops.

Best Shoot Em Ups for Beginners

Shmup Junkie – What are the Best Shoot Em Ups for Beginners? Are they just easy? Do they teach important skills for improving at Shoot em Ups? Or are they just fun and it’s doesn’t matter. By popular demand, instead of a hardest shmups video, this Shooter 101 focuses on the best shmups for beginners. From the 90s shooters on the PC Engine and Mega Drive, to the bullet hell games of Cave and Touhou, which shmups have the best easy and novice modes to learn and improve. Also featuring games on Steam and PS4 for those playing on modern systems or on a computer. Of course, this is just a small sampling of many great games for beginners, so check out the list in this description for even more great, beginner shoot em ups to try.

10 Shmup Gems you should check out

Radical Reggie – DJ and I put another list of games you all should check out. Shooter/Shmups/Shoot em ups are what I like to call a totally games I can always go back and play. Thought the demand is not as high as it was in the 90’s for them, I’m Glad companies and fans show their die hard love for these type of games to this day.

Games shown:

Super Raiden (PC engine)

AirGrave (ps1)

Two-Tenkaku (ps1)

Ibara (ps2)

L Dis (Pc engine)

Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princesse (ps2)

bokandesuyo (ps1)

GiaSeed (ps1)

Pop’n Twin bee (snes)

Pop’n Twin Bee yahoo (ps1)

Classic Cotton shoot ’em up getting a REBOOT on PS4 & Nintendo Switch soon!

Press release: ININ Games is excited to announce news of BEEP’s side-scrolling shoot-em-up Cotton Reboot! to be released both digitally and physically on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with a projected release date of Q1/2021 in Europe and North America.

Shoot-em-up with an adorable main character

A young witch called Nata de Cotton is hot headed, immature, overreacts and rides on a broomstick, accompanied by a fairy named Silk. Cotton is crazy about candies called “Willows”. Those candies are so good that she won’t let anything get in her way to get them. Talk about sugar cravings!

Armed with explosive fire power, a cast of cunning enemies to confront and some enchanting and beautiful graphics sees this endearing title as one that enlightens the imagination. Cotton will embark on her journey through the game’s seven amazing colourful stages with the hope that she will be rewarded at the end. As you move through a graveyard with wormed eyeballs or through a forest with trees that are part human form, eyes and mouth, hails of bullets and triple lazer fire from Cotton’s latest weapon resource that can be swapped and changed throughout as an endless onslaught of enemies fill the screen with their own arsenal of power. Avoid and maneuvering becomes as important as straight shooting.

Remaster of an iconic “cute’em’up”

Cotton Reboot is an updated, remastered version of the classic and iconic “cute’em’up” Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams with brand new features and updated visual designs. The game also features 3 game modes that include the X68000 original mode that faithfully emulates Sharp’s personal computer from the 1993 version. Arrange mode features 16:9 screens, redesigned graphics and characters. In Score attack mode the player competes for scores online within a limited time (2 minute and 5 minute mode can be selected).

Limited Edition with Special Offerings

In addition to the standard edition, along with its digital online store release, ININ Games will also publish Limited Editions of Cotton Reboot! Preorder for the Limited Editions are expected to start next month, while the preorder of the standard editions will follow soon after.