Metal Jesus GAME ROOM TOUR – 5000 Games!

BRAND NEW for 2015 Game Room Tour from Metal Jesus which has 5,000 Games and over 45 consoles, computers & handhelds. Over 4 decades of video games are organized, connected and ready to play!

If you are curious whether I own a newer console: I have the Playstation 4 upstairs in my living room along with games. My Steam computer is a 27″ iMac in my Office where I also do my video editing. If you have a question about how this is all connected or anything else, let me know!

Top 10 of the Greatest Video Game Easter Eggs

Featuring: 10 of the Greatest Video Game Easter Eggs (In no Particular order)

Games Featured
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Easter egg
GTA San Andreas Easter Egg
Manx TT Easter Egg
Day of the Tentacle Easter Egg
COD Black Ops 2 Easter Egg
GTA v Easter Eggs
Gears of War 3 Easter Egg
Batman Arkham Asylum Easter Egg
Wolfchild Easter Egg

– The Easter Egg Hunter

Metal Jesus TOUR Announcement

UPDATE: 5/3/2015: Metal Jesus TOUR Ended: Unfortunately we did not make our goal to go on tour this summer and since we did not get fully funded, NO FUNDS WERE EXCHANGED and your credit card did NOT get charged.
I worked really hard on planning this and while everyone agreed it’s a great idea, I had hoped people would see the intention of what I wanted to do with the tour and the videos we planned to make. Plus I really wanted to meet all of you! But alas, it was not meant to be.

However, I still want to THANK the most hardcore and dedicated fans of my channel. You guys saw the vision we had and you believed in us enough to donate to the the cause and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. So even though we won’t get any money from the campaign, I still want to give everyone who donated a special gift: FREE METAL JESUS RINGTONES.
Also, everybody who donated $100 or more will get a FREE METAL JESUS COIN! These coins are so awesome, I just had to share them with you! They are still being manufactured, so they will ship out in a couple months.
If you donated, please check your email today for links to the ringtones.

It’s a small thank you to some of the best supporters and fans a silly YouTube channel like mine could ever ask for. I really appreciate everything you have done and who knows…. maybe we’ll try this again some day but with a different strategy.
Thanks again, and keep on rockin’

Help us raise $$ money for Metal Jesus & Drunken Master Paul to take the ULTIMATE Retro Gaming Road Trip across the US! (and maybe The WORLD!) Please help by donating! Thanks!

What will happen on the Highway to Hell?

1) On the road Video Blogs:

Where we are going, what games & music we are finding, what weird and wonderful roadside oddities we are trapped in, diners, dives and more!

2) Metal Jesus Travel Episodes Full Videos.

These are going to be the best episodes yet! These full length videos will be Highlights from the road, Game Pickups, I HATE U episodes from the RV & Gamer EATS. Also DMP falling down drunk in Vegas.

MJR Coins SM

3) Meet & Greets with YOU:

You’ve asked me to visit your town and here we come! Let’s meet up & chat about your favorite games, your favorite albums & your favorite Gamer Eats.



WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Awesome Tour Videos, meet & greets AND unique PERKS!

Please help by donating! Thanks!

Wii On-Rails Light Gun Shooter Games

The Nintendo Wii had a ton of great On-Rail Light Gun games for the console, both original and arcade ports. I show you some of my favorites from the collection!

Games Shown:
Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Ghost Squad
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack
Dead Space Extraction
House of the Dead Overkill

PS3 HD Remakes & Collections

The Sony PS3 was home to great High Definition Remasters based on classic PS2 franchises. Here are some of my favorites from the game collection along with what is new and special about each.

Games Shown:
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster
God of War Collection (GW1 & 2)
God of War: Origins Collection (Chains of Olympus & Sparta)
Jak & Daxter Collection
The Sly Collection
Silent Hill HD Collection
Zone of The Enders HD Collection

Buy these PS3 Games here!

What game or series never got the HD treatment that you wish would get remastered?