Panzer Dragoon – A Disappointing Appetizer for Dinner

The Completionist – When I first decided to do this Panzer Dragoon review, I thought it was a game in the Panzer Dragoon saga which many claim to be as good or better than Final Fantasy 7. Anything that could compete with my favorite JRPG of all time should be interesting right? Then I realized that I was playing an arcade rail shooter with a 100 hour playtime achievement. Though it is basically is Star Fox with a dragon, let’s see how this game holds up to Completionists.

Game Room Update: Is it an UPGRADE or OVERKILL?

I am testing the gcompsw video switcher w/ HDRetrovision cables on my gaming consoles to a old school CRT. Is it an upgrade…or overkill? Use “metal” at checkout for a MJR discount

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