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Use The Old Net to enhance your Retro PC gaming experience!

The Old Net – In vintage Windows gaming, often there would be website links directly in the game’s main menu or added to the Start menu entry for that game.

For a long time now these links have been dead, unusable, and just clutter up the place. In this video I show how these links are useful once again and add to the completeness of the experience!

Set Up Instructions:

My EVERDRIVE & Flash Cart Collection (SNES, N64, SegaCD, Game Boy, NEOGEO, Genesis, etc)

Here is my entire Everdrive & Flash Drive collection including:

NeoPocket GameDrive (NEOGEO Pocket Color)
Lynx GameDrive (Atari Lynx)
Turbo EverDrive (TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine)
EverDrive-GB X7 (Game Boy)
EverDrive64 X7 (N64)
MegaSD (Genesis/Sega CD)
Mega EverDrive Pro (Genesis/Sega CD)
EverDrive-N8 Pro (NES)

** DISCLAIMER: I was provided review units for this video, however nobody paid me to review them and all the thoughts and opinions are my own **