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HISTORY of Space Harrier

SEGA Kidd takes a look back at SEGA’S classic arcade shooter, Space Harrier. It all starts with a brief history of arcade gaming’s status as of 1985 and how legendary game designer Yu Suzuki came to create his “Super Scaler” shooter. You’ll also get to learn quite a bit about Space Harrier, it’s many ports, and the games that carried on the Harrier name up to 30 years later.

Super Nintendo Component Cables Without a Mod???

HD Retrovision has provided a hassle free solution to get a quality picture out of your standard Super Nintendo Console. I showcased some comparison video between the standard AV cables that the Super NES was packaged with, and the component cables. The cables shown in this video work with the original SNES console only, not the smaller SNES re release or a N64.
Link to where to buy them: