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80s Hair Metal Bands

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80s Hair Metal, Glam Rock & Pop Metal bands sure used a lot of hair spray & played a lot of widdly widdly guitar! But that’s why we loved it. The Metal Jesus & his wife Bukin’ Bekki show you some of their favorite 80s […]

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PSP UMD Movies – Who Collects These?!

Sony tried their best to sell movies on the PSP and the UMD format, but it never took off. I take a look at the pros & cons of the format and try to figure out who the heck would want to collect these?!

Sony (Hidden Gems) Game Collection Mobile & Handhelds Special Episodes
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Game Pickups – 30+ Games & Music Vinyl

30+ games & music vinyl added to my collection ya’ll. I add a TON of old big box PC games (MSDOS & Windows), Xbox, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, TV Plug & Plays and more!

Game Collection Recent Pickups
Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary
1 min 7 yrs

Gabriel Knight: 20th Anniversary Review

One of adventure gaming’s most stunning masterpieces re-imagined in HD with new puzzles and locations, yet keeping that classic Jane Jensen story. TheBigJB reviews the game from a ex-Sierra employees perspective.

PC Games Reviews
Atari Jaguar console & Games
1 min 7 yrs

Atari Jaguar Console Review & Games

The Jaguar was Atari’s last hurrah into the video game console market. And while it only sold for a couple short years, this sleek console left an impressive with its powerful processors, quirky joystick and a handful of classic games.

HIDDEN GEMS Atari (Hidden Gems) Vintage