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Three Winners:

1st place gets $75 in Leaptrade credit,
2nd place gets $50 in leap trade credit
3rd gets $25

1) Must be Subscribed to my Channel
2) Must have or create a account – Free to sign up, Does not require a credit card.
3) Only in U.S.
4) 18 years or older
5) You must follow YouTube community Guidelines:…

How do You Enter? Go to and post a comment to this contest. What game would you like to add to your collection from Leaptrade?

Contest will run until Sunday July 12 when I will post the Winners in the Description of this video AND on the Facebook post.

Full disclosure: this is NOT a paid endorsement & I get no kickback.

ULTIMA Series – A Look Back + Memories

The ULTIMA series consisted of 9 main games released from 1981 to 1999 and was an extremely influential Computer RPG series that is still remembered fondly today. Metal Jesus & Carlos cover the 3 Ages or Trilogies as well as some of the side games and even the MMORPG. It’s a fun trip down memory lane as we reminisce about why the Ultima series was one of our all-time favorites!

The Ultima Big Box PC Series

PS2 Buying Guide & Great Games

Are you thinking of getting into PS2 collecting? This video explains the different models of Playstation 2, what to look for that tends to fail, some different controllers and 10 games we highly recommend to get you started!

What are the 10 PS2 Games a new collector should buy Day 1?

Video Transcription:

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here and I am back again with Kinsey.

Kinsey: Hello, great to back everybody. Today we’re going to be talking about an intro buyer’s guide to the PlayStation 2.

Metal Jesus: This is going to be a great video if you are just getting into collecting for the Playstation 2. Let’s say you’re at a retro gaming store or maybe at a garage sale and you’re wondering, like, what do you get? What do you need to know about the PS2 in order to start collecting for it. So we’re going to cover the different models, we’re going to cover the accessories, and we’re going to cover our top 10 games that you should just get day one.
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Monsters of Rock 8-Bit Video Game Feat. Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister + More

Loudwire: With the help of the Filthy Frackers, we mashed up some of the monsters of ’80s hard rock with the monsters of 8-bit video games. It’s our tribute to Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister as well as 8-bit video games at the same time! Can you identify all the video game monsters that appear in this video?

Chiptune audio and animation by Filthy Frackers. In collaboration with Check out the Filthy Frackers below for more awesome 8-bit videos! They rock!

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Final Fantasy 7 on NES ?!?! – More Repro & Hacked Games

Reggie brings a stack of Reproduction & Hacked versions of classic games that are a nice alternative for some collectors. Oh yeah, and a little PS1 game called Final Fantasy 7 remade for the original 8bit NES!

Games Shown:
Hothead Joe (Hack)
Mega Man Ultra (Hack)
Wily & Right’s Rockboard That’s Paradise!! (Repro)
Iron Commando (Repro)
Summer of Carnival ’92: RECCA (Repro)
VS. Super Mario Bros (Repro)
The Firemen (Repro)
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy (Repro)
Rainbow Cotton (Repro/Bootleg)
Twinkle Star Sprites (Repro/Bootleg)
Esper Dream 2 LONG CART (Repro)
Final Fantasy 7 (Hack)

Video Transcription:

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here, and I am back again with Reggie.

Reggie: And we’re going to finish up with the repro vid. I’m so sorry that it took so long, but I brought an extra for you guys, so let’s get started.

Metal Jesus: All right dude, so what do you have for me today?

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