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Wolfenstein-inspired BioFury: The Epic New 3DO Game

Today I unbox a BioFury Collector’s Edition (Number 39 of 100) that I purchased from World of Games and share with you this wonderful new release for the 3DO! You can still pick up the standard release here: https://worldofgamespublishing.com/shop

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, released in 1993, was a pioneering gaming console developed by The 3DO Company. Marketed as a high-end multimedia system, the 3DO was unique in that it was not manufactured by a single company but rather licensed to various manufacturers such as Panasonic, GoldStar (now LG), and Sanyo. It boasted impressive specifications for its time, including a 32-bit RISC CPU, which offered significantly better performance compared to other consoles of the era like the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The 3DO also featured advanced graphics capabilities and CD-ROM technology, allowing for more immersive gaming experiences with full-motion video and CD-quality audio.

Despite its powerful hardware and innovative features, the 3DO struggled to gain widespread adoption due to its high price point, which was initially set at $699 in the United States. This made it one of the most expensive gaming consoles on the market at the time, limiting its appeal to a niche audience of early adopters and enthusiasts. Additionally, the lack of exclusive titles and strong third-party support further hindered its success, as many developers were hesitant to invest in the platform given its relatively small user base. Despite these challenges, the 3DO did have a library of notable games such as “Star Control II,” “Road Rash,” and “The Need for Speed,” which showcased the console’s capabilities and contributed to its legacy as a groundbreaking but ultimately commercially unsuccessful gaming platform.