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The Game Quest – Retropalooza Expo (TEXAS)

Wood, Scott, Katie, Aaron, Ricky, Billy, Jay, Grimsie and Dee Dave all converge at Retropalooza in Texas. With HUNDREDS of Retro Video Games to pick through, re-sellers with amazingly great prices and games like Metalstorm and Stadium Events being found, this is going to be a good! With this many youtubers in one place, things are going to get a little weird.

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The Game Quest |’Hungry Like The Zombies’ w/ Metal Jesus Rocks

Portland Retro Gaming Swap Meet gets ravaged by Wood and Metal Jesus Rocks. Wood is looking to fill gaps in his Super Nintendo Collection, setting his sights on Zombie Ate My Neighbors and Batman Begins. While Metal Jesus Sleeps.

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The $5 BAD GAME CHALLENGE – Game Questing

Occasionally it’s fun to do something a little different on my YouTube channel: Metal Jesus takes Wood from BeatEmUps & TheBigJB around the Seattle area game hunting or “questing”. He also challenges them to find the WORST GAME for $5 or under…that isn’t Bubsy 3D!

Wood’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BeatEmUps


This video was a bit of a challenge to edit because I had originally hoped to show more normal game pickups…but in the end, it really became all about the $5 Bad Game Challenge. Sure we picked up a few non-shitty games…but nothing amazing. So in the end, the video got trimmed quite a bit to make it zip along more and I think it’s better for it.

Also…shooting the b-roll green screen stuff really made the video pop! Tiffany in particular had some really funny “outsider” remarks about how stupid we all were. She was kinda nervous she would come across as bitchy in the video…but I thought she was hilarious and just made it even better!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

$5 Dollar Bad Game Challenge AUDIO COMMENTARY

$5 Dollar Bad Game Challenge AUDIO COMMENTARY w/ MetalJesus