Super Rare Games Physical Copy Human: Fall Flat Nintendo Switch

Super Rare Games has recently offered Indie titles for the Nintendo Switch on physical release. Their first game (that still is available) is Human Fall Flat. Included are collectable trading cards, with a chance of one being signed by the creator of Human Fall Flat. In this video, I unbox the game and cards, and showcase this unique game.

Link to where to purchase the game(Limited to 5,000 copies)

Ultimate GameCube Combo & Setup

If $$$ was no object, what would be the ultimate GameCube setup?

BUY HERE (affiliate links)
EON GCHD HDMI adapter:
Game Boy Player:
Hori Game Boy Controller:
Nintendo Wavebird controller:

There is a way to get a better home-brew Game Boy Player software, but the solution is a bit involved. You either need to use the Action Replay w/ a SD card or burn a special bootable DVDr. Instructions are here: