Before they are gone pt 2

Radical Reggie – I decicded to do a pt2 since the first video was well received. With the 9th generation of video games coming by the end of this year, stores like Gamestop will most likely be pushing out the 7th generation of video games out of their stores. When this happens, more than likely the price will go up on certain titles since resellers have the option to do so. Even if that is not the case, now is the time to look for certain titles on the cheap

A Look at the 23 Games in the New Amico Trailer & New VIP Preorder Information

There was a new Intellivision Amico trailer that was posted on March 17th 2020 and while I was looking forward to it because it contained footage for 23 upcoming games, the trailer also provided new pre-order information.

So I thought it would be fun to pull apart the trailer, game by game, see if I could identify the game, and rank how interested I am in that particular game.