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SIERRA JOB MEMORIES – The Rise, Fall & SCANDAL of Sierra On-Line

Metal Jesus and Drunken Master Paul met while working at Sierra On-line in the mid 1990s in Bellevue, Wa during the height of the game publishers popularity. In this video, hear stories about how they met, colorful characters they worked with, crazy parties they hosted, games they loved and hated, the rise and fall of Sierra as a company and much more!


Wood is a CHEAP bastard! – $5 Dollar Bad Game Challenge – Audio Commentary

Metal Jesus audio commentary to the popular $5 Bad Game Challenge video I uploaded in 2015 with Wood, TheBigJB & Tiffany. In the commentary you will learn how this video started as one thing and ended up something else. Plus you’ll get behind the scenes info on why green screen was used, who was the biggest cheapskate and much more!

Here is the original video:

What other videos would you like to hear audio commentary on? Let me know!!

World’s First NES MUSIC Cartridge – Real Digital Audio & Not 8Bit!!

Sergio Elisondo is a musician who released a full digital audio album on NES cartridge format – A first of it’s kind! This is not 8bit chip tunes but real instruments played like a real digital album. It is the results of several people overcoming technical challenges and in this video we talk about the making of it.


* All music in this episode is from Sergio Elisondo

This Week in Retro – New Sega Genesis, Kirby Found & Mass Effect Vinyl

Kinsey brings you the latest in retro gaming news for November 15th 2016.

TecToy Sega Mega Drive:

Four long lost Kirby Games Found:

3DS Black Friday Deal:

Hyperkin SupaBoy S:

Retro-bit Generations:

Mass Effect Trilogy Vinyl: