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Nintendo SWITCH IMPORT GAMES – Play Japan & EUR Games on US Switch!

The Nintendo Switch is region free, meaning you can easily pick up physical versions of games in other territories and play on your US console…and often in ENGLISH!

Capcom Belt Action Collection
Taiko no Tatsujin: Nintendo Switch Version!
Psikyo Collection Vol 1 & 2
Okami: HD Remaster
Child of Light / Valiant Hearts
Runbow – Deluxe Edition
Opus Collection
Gal*Gun 2
Peach Ball: Senran Kagura
Flashback: 25th Anniversary [Collector’s Edition]


– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now people often forget that the Nintendo Switch is region-free, meaning that you can easily pick up physical versions of games from other territories and have them play just fine on your console, and often in English. So in this video I’m gonna share some of the latest Switch imports that I’ve picked up recently. Also, be aware this is not a sponsored video. I’ve bought all these games myself, and I’ll share where I bought most of ’em with you.

The first one I want to share with you is the Capcom Belt Action Collection. This is a collection of seven classic beat’em up games from Capcom, including King of Dragons. You have Captain Commando, Knights of the Round, Final Fight, of course, Powered Gear, Battle Circuit, and Warriors of Fate. A couple things I like about this collection is that you can switch between either the English versions of the games or the Japanese, and you can also adjust the difficulty. These being arcade games, they are notoriously difficult, so you can either lower it, if you’re just looking for a more casual experience, which is pretty cool, or you can raise it, if you’re looking for a little bit more challenge. And then I’ll quickly show you three of the games here. This is the King of Dragons, a game I wasn’t really familiar with, but as you can see, it’s kind of based on medieval D&D. And then here you have Armored Warriors, or also known as Powered Gear in Japan. And as you can see this one is a mech-based beat’em up, something really cool you don’t always see. And then here you have Warriors of Fate, which I guess is part of the Dynasty Wars franchise. I had no idea, but I like how you can ride on a horse here, that’s a nice touch.

Here’s a game I was really looking forward to checking out, this is Taiko no Tatsujin, Nintendo Switch version. This is typically called Taiko Drum Master in English, and as you can see here, it is a Japanese drum/rhythm game. By default the game uses the Joycon’s motion control for fairly subtle emulation of the real Japanese drums. I mean, it’ll even detect if you’re hitting the center of the drum, or the rim, and also how hard. But I guess there’s also a real drum controller for this as well, I kinda wanna pick that up. Now I haven’t gotten very far in this game yet, ’cause I just picked it up, but supposedly there’s about 20 songs included on the cartridge. You get tunes from Disney, Studio Ghibli, as well as Splatoon 2, and even Super Mario Odyssey. And I guess there’s up to 70 songs that you can download for this in the e-shop. Haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m enjoying it so far.

Now here’s something I have put a lot of time into, and that’s the Psikyo Collection. I’m gonna start off with Volume One right here. Volume One includes four games on the cartridge. So you get Strikers 1945, you get Sol Divide, Samurai Aces, and the original Gunbird. Sol Divide is a two-player horizontal shooter, which, in my mind, actually looks pretty cool, because it has those pre-rendered sprites. Definitely reminds me of a little bit like Donkey Kong Country. Samurai Aces is a vertical-scrolling shoot’em up, originally released in 1993. Now I think this is my first time playing this game, and I’m definitely getting a Strikers 1945 vibe from it, which is a good thing. Here is the second volume of Psikyo shooters. This one includes Strikers 1945 II, Tengai, Gunbird II, and also Dragon Blaze. All of these shooters are still a blast to play today and are considered stone-cold classics, it’s just a little lame that they only put four on each cartridge because I know they’re not very big. They could have easily doubled that, but what you do get, it’s definitely worth it.

Some of you may recognize this as Okami, the HD remaster. Obviously this was a beloved PlayStation 2 and Wii game back in the day, and of course, here is the HD version, but physical, for Switch. Now obviously this HD remaster is also out on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but again, in North America, we never got the physical version for the Switch. And for a lot of fans like me that absolutely love this game, it’s great to have a physical version in my collection here. And as you can see, this game is just as revolutionary and as beautiful as ever. Such a fantastic third-person action puzzle/platforming game. And I know I haven’t mentioned it yet, but again, it plays completely in English, so you don’t have any problems having to try to read Japanese or anything like that, it just works great.

Here’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit more of and that is a compilation of two indie games on one cartridge. Many of you are gonna be familiar with Child of Light, because it won all sorts of gaming awards when it was originally released, and here we have the physical version, and it is the Ultimate Edition of this game for Switch. And what’s nice is that if you’re a fan of the game, well, this has a bunch of cool stuff, like an additional mission, extra skins, extra skills, as well as DLC packs already included. The other game included on here is Valiant Hearts, which is a game that I first heard of from by buddy Reggie. And that’s a hand-drawn puzzle adventure game about World War I. What’s interesting about it is that you get to see the effects of war from the viewpoint of an American, a Frenchman, a German, and a Belgian. It’s actually pretty heavy stuff, but obviously very beautiful, and again it’s cool to have the physical version of it.

Here’s a physical game I picked up at PAX in Seattle a couple years ago, and it was a total blind buy, I didn’t know anything about this, but it’s called Runbow the Deluxe Edition. This game was primarily designed to be a multiplayer party game both online and on the couch, but can also play it solo like you see here. And the premise is pretty simple, I mean, you just wanna be the first person to get the treasure at the end of the level. However, you’ll notice that the rainbow color washes over the screen, see that there? Well depending on the color, it makes part of the levels disappear and reappear. So this game is constantly changing, and way more tricky than it looks. It’s also more about timing and strategy than really just running as quickly as you can. This Deluxe Edition that I got at PAX comes with stickers. There’s also a lanyard in here, so you can hang around your neck. Also, it has all the DLC, and it comes with the soundtrack on CD.

Next up is the physical import version of Syberia. Many of you are already going to be familiar with this because it is a port of a classic point-and-click adventure that I think got its start on the PC back in the early 2000s. What I like about this game is that it really relies on puzzles. This is as old-school as it gets. However, I also like its kind of cool, steampunk look to the environments, and also the objects that you mess around with. And I’m hoping that you can kinda tell from the footage I’m capturing here that they slightly upgraded the 3D models, which look pretty good compared to the older backgrounds. This physical version came out in Europe, and it’s pretty easy to find on Amazon, that’s where I got my copy. But what’s cool is they also got a couple other versions also on physical, so they have a version that has the first and second game included together, as well as a physical version of the third game in the series.

And speaking of multiple games that come on one Switch cartridge, here is Opus Collection. This cartridge contains two games. The first one’s called The Day We Found Earth, and the second one called Rocket of Whispers. In the first game, you play as a lovable robot that is living millions of years in the future, and your mission is to try and find the original location of earth. This game is a trip, it kind of plays like a telescope simulator, where you try to use clues to search the cosmos for planets that might be kinda close to what earth is described to be like. It’s a fairly simple game, it only takes about two hours to complete, and I highly recommend it. It’s got a really cool story. And then the second game is completely new, but plays a little bit more like a traditional adventure game. Now both games are highly regarded, and definitely worth a play.

And now we get to two games that, well, they’re not gonna be for everybody. I’m not saying they’re pornographic, but they are a little perverted. So if that’s not your thing, then go ahead and just skip about two and a half minutes ahead.

Oh boy, here we go, okay. So the first one is gonna be Gal*Gun 2. Now this is an on-rail shooter, it’s a sequel. The original I played on the Vita back in the day, but, the deal here is, girls in your school are being controlled by demons, and you put on a special pair of VR goggles that let you see them. And then you use the pheromone gun, yes, that’s actually what it’s called. But you use this pheromone to shoot the demons and then defend against the onslaught of approaching and aggressive girls. Now if you’re lucky, or maybe you got a little bit of skill here, you can shoot the girls in what’s called Ecstasy Spots. Again, I’m not making this up, but that’ll stop ’em even quicker. Notice how the Joycons also use the motion controls for aiming, which is pretty cool. As if you couldn’t tell, this is definitely a silly game, but it’s got a surprising amount of challenge. I mean, it is not easy.

And then the second game I have here is Peach Ball Senran Kagura, I hope I said that correctly, but as you may tell by that name, it is a spinoff of the main Senran Kagura series, but with sexy pinball. Just because. Now here’s an example of one of these imports where the main story is in Japanese, and there’s no English option for you, at least not one that I could find, so. But I’m gonna be honest with you, who cares? I mean, are you playing this game for the story? I don’t think so. But what do I think about the game itself? Well, it’s a decent pinball game with okay physics, but really the big problem I have with this is that the play field is just cramped and kind of claustrophobic. Also, the tables themselves feel pretty simple, especially compared to other better pinball games. I mean, that can be a good or bad thing, depending on, you know, how much you really get into pinball and how much challenge you like. After playing a while and meeting specific goals, you’re gonna activate something called Sexy Challenge, and basically what that is is it’s just multiball. And what’s funny about that is you can activate even higher levels of Sexy Challenge time, and, uh, yeah, I don’t know what else to say about this. I mean, is it a great pinball game? No, not really, I mean, I’ll be honest with you. It’s a fun game, DMP were playing it the other night. It’s silly, it’s weird, you kind of put it in if you want a good laugh, but honestly, after a couple hours, I don’t think you’re gonna play it much.

Moving on, we’re gonna check out an arcade-style bullet hell shooter called RXN, this is the Limited Edition here. And as you can see by the gameplay footage here, this is a game that is designed to run on a modern console, so it’s actually running in 16 by 9 as opposed to being squished and vertical. That can be good or bad depending on what your preference is. This game here I think is, overall, is just okay, it’s nothing really special. I think the gameplay itsel actually is really solid, it’s just that the levels are kind of boring. I mean, they’re really, really short, and they’re just not that interesting to look at. But the Limited Edition from EastAsiaSoft is pretty awesome. I mean, it comes with a physical copy of the game, which is of course region-free, and runs in English if you want. There’s a 48-page full color art book, but towards the back of it, it also has a novel that fills in some of the Story Mode. A numbered collector’s certificate, as well as a Steelbook with alternate cover art.

Now I know some of you are thinking, hey, wait a second, didn’t the Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition come out in the U.S.? And the answer to that is, well, yes, maybe it did, but I missed it, and so I went for the import version instead. And I wanna be clear, you can actually find the regular version of this game in GameStops no problem, but again, I wanted the Collector’s Edition, ’cause it’s got some really cool stuff in it. Here’s the full-color instruction booklet that comes with it, but check it out. In the back here, in the Bonus section, there’s the level design. So you can actually see all of the levels laid out, which is really handy. Of course you get a physical copy of the game, but it also comes with a digital copy of the Remastered Original Soundtrack. And then this is why I really wanted it. I mean, look at the steel case. This has to be one of the coolest looking steel cases ever. And that’s what’s great about the Switch being region-free is that sometimes if you miss these Collector’s Editions, or these physical versions that came out in other territories, well there’s nothing stopping you from picking up the import version. It’s awesome.

Well guys, that’s a quick look at some of the import games I have picked up for my Nintendo Switch, and if you couldn’t tell already, I am loving this. It’s so much fun to have physical versions of these games that I love to play sitting on my shelf forever, and as you can tell, the vast majority of them have an English option. Now most of these I got from PlayAsia or EastAsiaSoft, but some of these I also got from other sources. If you have specific questions on where to get them, go ahead and post your question down below. Also, if there are other import games that you think I need to have in my Switch collection, please post a comment. Alright guys, thank you very much for watching, thank you for subscribing, and take care.

The NINTENDO DS Rocks! – Highlights from 125+ Games

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Contra 4
Point Blank DS
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume
Chrono Trigger
Legacy of Ys Book I & II

Suikoden Tierkreis
Orcs & Elves
Front Mission
Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble!
The Dark Spire
Time Hollow
Boing! Docomodake DS
Trackmania Turbo: Build to Race
Retro Game Challenge
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Aliens Infestation
The Legendary Starfy
Mario vs Donkey Kong 1 & 2
Metroid Prime Pinball
Prince of Persia: The Fallen King
Batman the Brave and the Bold
Bangai-O: Spirits
The World Ends with You
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits
Izuna: The Legend of the Unemployed Ninja 1 & 2
Scurge: Hive
Snowboard Kids
Soul Bubbles
Dementium 1 & 2
Solatorobo: The Red Hunter

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Nintendo Wii Hidden Gems! **NEW for 2018**

Nintendo Wii Hidden Gems:
Pandora’s Tower
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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Gormiti: The Lords of Nature!
Shiren the Wanderer
Roogoo: Twisted Towers
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan


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Family Computer Disk System was released only in Japan in 1986 and uses floppy disks to store retail games and save games. John Riggs is a collector of the system and shares his knowledge of the system and what games you will want to pick up day 1.

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NINTENDO Switch Hidden Gems – Play these 9 games!

With around 1,000 games already on @Nintendo Switch, let’s find some Hidden Gems – Play these 9 games!

ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun
Skies of Fury DX
Mantis Burn Racing
Breakforcist Battle
Sky Force Reloaded
Toki Tori
Aqua Kitty UDX

BUY Nintendo Switch : (affiliate link)


Metal Jesus: Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now, today I want to share with you some Nintendo Switch hidden gems that I found in the eShop. Now, there are a ton of games being released in the eShop and it’s easy to miss them, so let’s take a look.

All right, we’re going to start off with a nice little time waster called ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun. That is such a funny subtitle, because it perfectly fits this little game. This game is the epitome of a game that is just one more try, where basically you keep dying and dying, as you basically feel like it’s impossible to get through these tough levels, but then you just magically do it, and it feels awesome.
I also really dig it’s kind of cool, retro, pixel art style graphics. It just fits perfectly, plus this game is surprisingly funny. Between each level, there is a guy that will talk to you, and they just say the weirdest stuff. I mean, usually you skip by that stuff, but in this game, you actually want to read it, because it’ll make you laugh. And, as you can tell by this footage, I am dying all over the place, but the game is super fun, so definitely check it out.

This next game is called Earthlock, and it might look kind of familiar to some of you who have played this on other systems. That’s because this game originally came out as Earthlock: Festival of Magic on PC and also consoles, like the Xbox One and also the PlayStation 4. However, when the game originally came out, it got mediocre reviews, and the developer at the time was actually working on the sequel, but they stopped and took all that criticism to heart, and put the sequel on hold. And then they dedicated over a year of time to fix almost everything that people didn’t like about it.
And so that’s the version of the game that we get on the Switch, which probably should have been the original version all along, but again, they had an extra year of development to really polish it. For instance, they added more memorable characters, also wittier and kind of more personable dialogue for all the different characters in the game. They added side quests, also hidden bosses, and a bunch of other little tweaks that they list on their website.
But basically, this is a throwback to, say, the PlayStation 1 era of JRPGs, and what I mean by that is, you know, in addition to turn-based combat, this also has crafting, gardening, a bunch of stuff like that. Now, that said, I don’t think this game is perfect, or frankly that memorable, but it is a really solid and fun JRPG, so if you’re missing those classic role playing games from like, say, the N64 era, well, then definitely check this out.

Lately, I’ve been playing an awful lot of a game called Skies of Fury DX, and as you can see here, it is a World War I style arcade aerial dogfighting game, that’s really well made. Now, right off the bat, I want to mention that this used to be a mobile, free-to-play game that you would play on your smart phone, but thankfully, all of that stuff has been stripped out and what you get is a fully functional, frankly pretty large game.
For instance, you can play as either the Germans or the Allies, and there are over 100 campaign missions, to keep you busy for a while. There’s also four player split-screen multiplayer dogfights, which is pretty awesome. There’s tons of unlockables too, to keep you playing the game, including upgrades for your aircraft, both in performance but also in the way it looks.
Now, I spent most of my time playing the single player campaign, and what you do in that is kind of what you do in a lot of these games, where you do death match, aerial dogfighting, taking down waves and waves of enemies. There’s also escort missions, and also time trials through obstacle courses. All told, if you miss games like Red Baron or even Crimson Skies, well, definitely check this out.

I do love my racing games, so I had to include Mantis Burn Racing on the Switch. Now, originally this was released on Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but the Switch version is the complete package, with all of the DLC included. But even more than that, I’ve read that some of the reviews of the Xbox One and PS4 versions, people were getting kind of inconsistent frame rates, and that is something I did not experience on the Switch. I mean, it feels like it’s pushing close to 60 frames a second, although it’s definitely dropping, depending on how many AI cars are on the screen, but it’s always playable. I mean, I didn’t notice hardly at all.
Now, as for the game itself, as you can see here, it is a top-down arcade racing game. Now, this is very simple to play but pretty tough to master, as races get faster and faster as you progress and upgrade your car. Also, I found that the computer AI is no slouch. They keep you on your toes through the entire game. Also, you’ll notice that drifting is a big part of this game, so knowing when to drift, and also when to boost, is key to your success.
I also think that the tracks and environments look pretty cool. I mean, it’s a nice-looking game. Although that said, it doesn’t seem like there are a ton of tracks in the game, and you end up going through them forward and reverse, which is a little bit disappointing. The game also supports classic couch-style split screen, up to four players, and you can go online to race up to eight players, and it supports cross-network play. Very cool.

Next up is a game called #Breakforcist Battle. Now, this is a mix of classic Breakout with a little bit of Arkanoid thrown in, and then obviously, a very Japanese aesthetic. And, just like those other games, you control the paddle at the bottom and try not to let the ball get past you. Although, as you can see, this one is based on food, or specifically breakfast, because why not? I think what kind of sets this game apart is that obviously, you don’t want the ball to get past you, but really it’s focusing on combos, and then keeping them going through the use of the power-ups.
Now, I have to say, this game gets incredibly hectic as it moves along, because often, I would lose track of that ball amidst all this flying debris. That said, this is a fun and enjoyable take on that classic Breakout-style gameplay. It’s not going to change your world or anything, but this is a fun little time waster when you’re on the go.

Next up is a game called Kona. Now, some people have called this a walking simulator, but I actually think it’s a bit more than that. Unlike other walking simulator games that I’ve played, this one has a bit more adventure-style gameplay than most. Played entirely in the first person, you are up in the coldest parts of Canada, trying to solve a murder mystery and how it relates to the strange people who live in the area.
Now, I would describe this game as a mix of, say, film noir, mixed in with a little bit of local Canadian folklore, and then also a tad bit of survival horror as well. In this game, you do a lot of reading of notes and messages left behind, primarily in creepy, empty sheds and also abandoned homes and businesses. I like playing these games every once in a while, because they’re a nice break from the typical action-heavy games I normally play, so if you’re looking for a game that has an intriguing story as well as a touch of detective work, well definitely check it out.

Oh, man, I am so excited to be talking about Sky Force Reloaded on the Switch. Now, I want to say right off the bat that this is one of my favorite, my favorite shmups of all time. It’s so awesome. Basically, the way that I think of this game is a mix of a traditional, top-down arcade shooter but with really strong RPG elements included. Now, what I mean by that is that in the beginning of this game, you are incredibly weak and underpowered. This game is meant to be played through multiple times, so you’re going to have to go through these levels several times to upgrade your weapons, to get enough stars, to basically get more powerful so that you can unlock some of the challenges and the goals that are within each level.
So, think of it this way. This is a shooter that you end up grinding a lot, almost like a traditional RPG, but I know what people are thinking, like, “Oh, man. I hate grinding in RPGs,” and I’m with you. However, in this game, because you feel like you’re getting more powerful, you feel like you’re progressing all the time. This game, you just want to try one more time, one more time. It’s so much fun. So if you’re a fan of shoot ’em ups, like me, but you’re looking for a game that has a little bit more depth than you normally see in the genre, oh man, definitely check this game out.

Toki Tori. Oh yes, a puzzle game with platforming elements. Now, this is going to be familiar to some of you, because sequels have come out recently in the last couple of years. However, this is the original version. You can call this kind of like a remaster or a reboot. It originally came out on the Game Boy Color, so yes, this is a remake of the original Game Boy Color version, with obviously a new coat of paint.
In this puzzle game, you play as a young chick trying to rescue your siblings that are still in eggs, hidden all around the level. And to help you do that, you have tools to get through the level, including the ability to build bridges, also warp to other levels, freeze enemies, and more. But the trick to this game is that you can only use those tools a set number of times. Now, if you use them incorrectly or at the wrong moment, well, the puzzle is unsolvable. But thankfully, you have the ability to rewind time and try and try again.
This game is a bit of a mind-bender, and honestly, I find it to be very tough, maybe because I’m not the smartest guy, but when I would solve it, it would feel awesome. So if you love puzzle games that are going to work your brain, definitely check it out.

Next up is Aqua Kitty UDX. This game is going to feel very similar to fans of Defender. Do you remember playing Defender back in the ’80s at the arcade? Oh man, I certainly do, and this is a really cool clone. And like Defender, this game is a shooter, where you move your ship side to side, using the left and right bumpers to change the direction you’re facing.
In the midst of all the shooting, you have to keep an eye on that mini-map up at the top there, because that is tracking where the enemies are, but more importantly, also where your cat friends are possibly being abducted. So, just like in Defender, every once in a while, you’ll hear a cat cry out, and that means they’re being abducted and taken to the surface. That means you’ve got to rush over there and try to save them as quickly as possible. New to the Switch version is a brand-new dreadnought boss mode as well. Aqua Kitty UDX is a really fun, classic-style shooter game. If you like Defender, definitely check it out.

So that’s some of the games I’ve been playing on my Switch, but I would love to know what you guys recommend I pick up next. Please post a comment down below. As always, I want to thank you for watching my channel. Thank you for subscribing, and take care.
Man, it is incredibly impressive and also a little overwhelming to see just how many new games are added to the Nintendo Switch eShop every single week. It seems like there’s 10 new games, at least, added every week. It’s crazy, so for fans like us, we love our Switch. It’s cool to have games on it, but it’s a little overwhelming because you just don’t know what you should spend your money on, so I hope you guys found this video useful. All right, thanks for watching.