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PlayStation Classic – All 20 games Revealed!

The PlayStation Classic launches on 3rd December 2018, and we have the full list of 20 games that will come pre-loaded on the console. Below are the games in alphabetical order:

Battle Arena Toshinden™
Cool Boarders 2
Destruction Derby
Final Fantasy VII
Grand Theft Auto
Intelligent Qube
Jumping Flash!
Metal Gear Solid
Mr. Driller
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee®
Resident Evil™ Director’s Cut
Revelations: Persona
Ridge Racer Type 4
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo®
Syphon Filter
Tekken 3
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
Twisted Metal
Wild Arms

Stupidly EXPENSIVE & Rare PlayStation 1 (PS1) Games – COMPLETE!

Radical Reggie shows us the most rare and expensive games for the PS1. Reggie owns an impressive collection of North American and Import Playstation 1 games.

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Games Shown:
Suikoden II
Tales of Destiny I & II
Tail Concerto
R-Type Delta
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Psychic Detective
Starblade Alpha
Harmful Park
Gaia Seed: Project Seed Trap
The Adventure of Little Ralph

Suikoden II
– The game features over 100 recruitable characters
– Games has three types of combat: Regular battles, Duels & Massive Battles
– Game is often sighted as one of the best PS1 RPGs ever made

Tales of Destiny I & II
– Tales of Phantasia (Super Famicom) was the first game in the Tales series
– Tales I was remade for the PS2 with 3D environments, new sprites and enhanced combat
– Tales II is called Tales of Eternia in Japan
– Tales II was eventually ported to the Playstation Portable with better load times

– Brigandine is a tactical role-playing game
– The goal of the player is to conquer the entire continent of 6 fictions nations
– In 2000 a remake was released called Brigandine: Grand Edition that adds multiplayer support and other new features

Tail Concerto
– Tail Concerto is inspired by Super Mario 64 and Nights into Dreams
– Developer CyberConnect also created the .Hack series of PS2 RPGS as well as Naruto games
– Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS) is the spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto

R-Type Delta
– Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and this is the fourth game in the R-Type series
– First game in the series to be rendered in 3D

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
– the prequel of the first Legends game
– Japanese version included PocketStation support whereas the North American and European version did not.
– You play as anti-hero Tron Bonne, sister of the criminal Bonne family of air pirates

Psychic Detective
– The game takes about 45 minutes to play through once. But dozens of alternate paths & endings are possible
– The PS1 version is censored compared to the PC and 3DO versions, which contain adult language and sexual content

Starblade Alpha
– Starblade Alpha is available on Sega CD, 3DO, PS1, arcades and iOS
– An arcade sequel was made called Starblade: Operation Blue Planet but was never released.

Harmful Park
– Four weapons include: Potato, Ice Cream, Pie and Jerry (Jelly)
– Each weapons can be powered up to level 3
– some boss characters are more attractive at higher difficulty levels and uglier at easier difficulties

Gaia Seed: Project Seed Trap
– First game release by small developer Techno Soleil
– The soundtrack is a crazy mix of ambient, classical, hip-hop and bass-heavy techno music

The Adventure of Little Ralph
– The game started development for the Sharp X68000 home computer before moving to the PlayStation

– Often criticized for its tall vertical hit box, which makes the game frustrating
– MonkeyPaw Games also developed: Magical Drop F, BurgerTime World Tour, Tomba! & Class of Heroes 2 & 3

PS1 Beginners BUYING GUIDE & Best Games

Metal Jesus & Reggie create a Buying Guide for the new PS1 Collector to understand the different console hardware variants, controllers and recommend some of the best games to get Day 1!

Buy the PS1 & Games here: http://goo.gl/l9XRlB (Affiliate Link)

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Die Hard Trilogy
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Resident Evil 2
Puzzle Star Sweep
Chrono Cross
Point Blank 1 & 2
Gran Turismo 1 & 2

PlayStation Analog Joystick (SCPH-1110)

Video Transcription:
Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here and I am back again with Reggie. How is it going, guy?

Reggie: It’s going good, brother. Today we’re going to do a PlayStation 1 buying guide, so get ready.

Metal Jesus: That’s right. So we’re going to cover the hardware as well as ten games that we think are just perfect for a new collector. Let’s take a look. All right, dude, so let’s talk about the hardware. We have the original Model 1 right here.

Reggie: My favorite system of all time, the system that got me back into video games.

Metal Jesus: Now one of the great things about the PlayStation 1 is that it’s pretty cheap to collect for. You find these everywhere and you find them cheap.

Reggie: The reason why is, because the PS2 system, you have backwards compatibility so you can play all PS1 games. So it made this system pretty much worthless. It’s one of the most worthless systems price range wise…

Metal Jesus: Right, right.

Reggie: …out there.

Metal Jesus: But it’s fun to collect for.

Reggie: It definitely is and I would advise people to start collecting for it because the games are so cheap, especially the good ones. The system is $5 to $10 at the most.
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