MJR Health – 2nd Pfizer shot sucks! 😂

Last week I flew back from my trip to Arizona and then got my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot. Rebecca was fine from her shot, but I got knocked out for several days! Man… chills, aches, fever, headache, fatigue. It wasn’t messing around, but I’m so glad to now be finally fully vaccinated and ready to see my friends again!

You’ll see from the Apple Watch stats that despite all the days knocked down, I did manage to work out both on the elliptical and my bike! Weather is really starting to improve here in Seattle, so doing both should start making a difference in my overall health.

Driving a Ford Model T Is a Lot Harder Than You’d Think! We Tried It

Bloomberg Quicktake – Starting in 1908, Henry Ford sold his novel Model T cars as the first to be really accessible to the masses. What’s more, he marketed them as easy to handle for casual drivers and (gasp!) women since they started with a button rather than a crank. Thing is, those old Model Ts were still pretty complicated to drive. Bloomberg Pursuits’ Hannah Elliott took a 1914 Model T for a spin but first she needed a driving lesson.

MJR Health Update – May 11th (in Arizona)

While traveling in Arizona, the hotel we are at has a pretty nice gym. It’s the first time I’ve stepped into a professional gym in over a year and it feels pretty great! Although I have to admit that after about 20 minutes of wearing the mask, I start to hate it. I know we need to wear the masks and it’s mandatory to use the gym at this time…but yeah…not my favorite thing to wear a mask while working out. Still, you can see below my Fitness Trends that I’ve been hitting it pretty hard this week. Between working out at the gym each morning and going on long hikes or walks, I’ve really put the time in this week!

No weight measurement this week. While the gym has a public scale, I’m not stripping down to my underwear to check. I’m pretty sure they’d call Security on me  LOL I’m back home soon, so I’ll post my current weight next week.

Oh yeah… Top 3 Def Leppard albums: 1) Hysteria – 2) High n Dry – 3) Pyromania

Does Gaming Industry DRAMA really matter?! (feat. MJR & friends)

What are your thoughts on game industry drama and are there game devs/publishers you don’t like? EA and Activision have big targets on their back but does that matter to you?

Ken Williams Sierra Book: https://amzn.to/3uaVaTn (Amazon affiliate link)


Stop Skeletons: https://www.youtube.com/lophatjello

TheGebs24: https://www.youtube.com/TheGebs24

Game Sack: https://www.youtube.com/GameSack

Lon Seidman: https://www.youtube.com/LonSeidman

Spawn Wave: https://www.youtube.com/SpawnWave

Sunset Hotline: https://www.youtube.com/SunsetHotline

John Riggs: https://www.youtube.com/riggstalgic

John Hancock: https://www.youtube.com/user/swlovinist

Gaming off the Grid: https://www.youtube.com/GamingOffTheGrid

Denver Gamer: https://www.youtube.com/DenverGamer

MJR Health Update May 4th

We got the elliptical cross trainer installed and put together on Weds and I have to admit, it’s kicking my butt! 30 minutes on it and I come off dripping in sweat 😅. As you can see by my watch, I’ve hit my workout goals 6/7 days and pretty much stayed the same weight. Like others have said, it’s probably because I’ve lost a little weight, but I’ve added a little muscle working out so much.

I plan on hitting the workouts even harder this week and maybe try to eat a few more salads.

New Video Game Releases this Week! (May 1st – 7th)

New game releases this week:

  • The Colonists [PS4, XBO, Switch] – May 4
  • Dark Nights with Poe and Munro [PS4, XBO] – May 4
  • Demeo [PC VR] – May 6
  • Highrisers [PC] – May 6
  • Blazing Beaks [PS4, XBO] – May 7
  • The Invisible Hand [PC] – May 7
  • Resident Evil 8 Village [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Stadia] – May 7 (Resident Evil 8 pre-order)

List from GamesRadar.com